Maho Arito Journal 3

・Our focus group are making a presentation about vending machine. I have 3 things I learned while working on my Focus Group presentation. First, I think it is important to compare Japan with America in terms of same aspects. When I made the presentation in Japan, we just said each feature of vending machine. So, my teacher said it was not comparison with the two country. Now, we are researching about vending machine again and making the presentation based on his advice. Second, I think it is very useful for us to understand the presentation if there are the outlines of that. At the presentation in Japan, other groups said the outlines of what they would do in the beginning. I heard that, I could easily understand their presentations. So, we are making outlines of our presentation as introduction. Final, I think many pictures or graphs of PowerPoints help us to understand the presentations. It is hard to understand PowerPoints which contain little of pictures and many words. If there are only words, the audience become bored. I will use in my studies in Japan what I learned trough the working on my Focus Group presentation.

・I heard the frame lecture on August 12th, I was interested in “#Me too” movement. “#Me too” movement was also reported by TV and social network services in Japan. So, I knew a little about it before. I think hashtags have great influence to our social because many people use SNS such as Instagram and Twitter now. In these days, a lot of young people don’t watch TV, instead they often see SNS both outside and at their houses. I also use SNS every day and hashtags in SNS. Another good point of hashtags is that using SNS doesn’t cost a lot of money, so everyone can start movements easily. It is very useful way for minority people or whose names are not famous in the social to tell what they want to do and how the social should to change.

I also think people in America use SNS or social media for movements more than people in Japan. Japanese people usually use SNS for connecting to friends or people who have same hobbies. Japanese people often don’t say their opinions to other people or social, but I think they can easily say what they think in SNS. So, they should use SNS for various way.


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