Mamiko Honda Entry 3

We had a lecture about Pop culture by Khanh Vo. She said “Coding ”in pop culture influence our recognition. For example, hero people imagine is strong and powerful. However, I supposed in Japan sometimes hero is a small man and weak character, so I asked her about it. According to her answer, this is because Japan is more flexible about gender than America. I was surprised to hear that. I think few people know about LGBTQ well in Japan. Why is Japan flexible? I suppose that people in America show own identity openly while people in Japan incline to hide own mind. We don’t want to conflict with others as possible as we can. To avoid conflict we often hide own mind or change an opinion. In that sense we are willing to accept a different opinion. I think this is a reason that people in Japan look flexible. It doesn’t mean we are not flexible. In fact there are many comics, books and dramas dealing LGBT in Japan. I have a friend who likes such a novel. She said that people different from her are interesting for her. I think many people in japan accept others who are different from them easily. We also easily sympathize with others, so we prefer to hero who is not a powerful man. We sympathize with such a weak man. That is why in Japan many heroes are ordinary people and sometimes weak. This tendency is one of diverse representations, I think.
Pop-culture has a power which can change people who has stereotype. People create culture, culture also create people. If many works which break framework of stereotype are appear in America, people would have various perspectives. I think Pop-culture would be a key to change the world.

I went to the concert last night. The concert was held in the church. We listened to several songs played by organ and harpsichord. I wanted to watch players playing the organ and harp but I cannot because of pews in front of me. However, I was able to concentrate to listen to their music due to it. The tone was wonderful. After concert I could touch the organ. It was a valuable experience.

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