Manai Suzuki Journal 3

August 12nd, I had a framework lecture by Dr. Liz Losh. I was surprised that AI couldn’t realize African American women, and it filed them to men. In addition, Dr.Liz Losh told that African American baby’s were recognized like pets, even by Google. I thought that most of the people who make the program are white people, and they think it is general, so they didn’t make the program learned enough data of black people. However, it is very bad problem, because they are all equal, so we have to think more carefully about the setting of the program which anyone can use. 

At the free time, I bought Sushi at the supermarket with Kimika. I was very excited because I haven’t eat rice in the United States yet. It looks like almost same as Japanese sushi, and there is soy source same as in Japan, so it was very tasty. However, I ate them and I missed Japan. I want to eat more rice when I go back to Japan after this program.

Yesterday, I had a framework lecture about the American popular culture by Dr. Khnan Vo. I love watching TV and movies, and I always listening to the music, and also in the future I want to work at the TV station, so I was very interested in this lecture. I thought that the effects of media is very big for audiences, so the contributor have to be careful to broadcast TV program about the delicate topic. In Japan, there is few race problem or we don’t say loudly about LGBT and we have not had enough education about them, so if we mistake something to say on the media, a lot of people would have a misunderstanding. If I can enter the TV station, I want to make the TV programs which everyone can make fun of them.

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