Mikoto Kanno Journal3

I visited Bruton Parish Church again and I can get the opportunity that I consider about the church. I went there to see church service before. But I went there for Candlelight Concert tonight. The church looked more beautiful and mysterious in night than daytime. Candlelight is very beautiful. I think this concert event is very nice for the local people. Also, people who want to learn about American culture, like us, can enjoy. People can go the church and relax by listening the concert. There is not this opportunity in Japan. If they use temple and shrines for concert, more people are interested in temples and shrines. I feel that the church is more familiar than temples and shrines. The place which local people gather is the church. It is a sight I don’t find in Japanese temples and shrines. I guess most Japanese think there are sacred, not familiar. But, It is certain that more young people go the church or temples and shrines by SNS such as Instagram and Twitter. I listened Continuo Organ and Harpsichord on live performance for the first time in my life. In particular, Harpsichord was sounds good. I think it is like “koto” Japanese stringed instrument. I played koto a little. But Harpsichord looked like piano. Then, I feel the difference of sound. I was very glad to try to play Harpsichord. I had a valuable experience. I want to concert again, because it is seems that the church is also famous of Handbells. I also want to concert in other church. I’m sure that I can discover the difference between each church. I feel that it is a place for everyone to relax. Following previous experience which is about the church service and this experience, I noticed people gather in a church to relax. This point can apply to temples and shrines in Japan. I was tired because we have heard many lectures since I came to America. I also could relax by beautiful play, the Candlelight and the church.

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