Miu Nishimura Journal3

On August 12, I learned feminism. I didn’t know when a colored woman walked through the New York city, many people said “hey girl” or “nice” to her. Moreover, I was surprised African-American people are sometimes classified into pets or animals. Japanese people are sometimes classified into animals, so I think enterprises which provide AI services should add data about colored people. In Japan, some conservative people discriminate women even today. They say women should stay in their house and contribute to their husband. Moreover, many people experience sexual harassment in their workplace. Indeed, “#Metoo” was popular with young Japanese women. Though Japanese people don’t like talking politics, everyone can participate with “#Metoo” or think about digital feminism. So, I think Japanese should pay attention to the movement of feminism in foreign countries.

Our focus group investigates the differences women-only transportation in both counties. While I was in Japan, I thought no women-only transportation exists in the US. American people tried to improve the right to sexual equality from an earlier period than Japanese so there was no sexual assault in public transportation. But after I came the US and started investigation, I found it false. Problems of Japanese trains are molestation, but rapes are the biggest problem in the US in public transportation. I have had stereotypes about sexual harassment, in short, I have thought molestation is the biggest sexual issues in the world. Though I misunderstood environment in the US, women in both the US and Japan suffer from sexual harassments. According to Dr. Losh’s lecture, movements to diminish sexual harassment become popular. To reduce sexual harassment, people should communicate through the Internet and share their ideas.And our topic is heavy, so I have to take care of people who hear our presentation. Before I came to Japan, I didn’t care such things. But through some lectures, I notice people who live in the US have various backgrounds, and when I talk with others, I must take care of my words. To talk with others with assurance, I think I have to get more knowledge about history or discrimination.

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