Yuka Kawashima Journal3

About a week has passed since I came to America. I spend so nice days. I hope my English skill improve.

Lecture on August 12th, we learned about Women, Gender and Sexuality.

I studied about feminism occurred in America before I came here, so I roughly know what happen and what women do to get equal rights in past. But I did not know about the fourth wave of feminism now happening. I am interested in what the end become. I want women to have equal rights to express their own opinion in twitter or you tube and so on. In my opinion, I think it is good to separate women and men when thinking them because the structure of the body is different, and the way of thinking is different which is proved the brain science. I think all society has to treat and respect people regardless of he is woman or person of color.

Lecture on August 13th, we learned about American pop culture. Popular culture is something that almost all people in the social knows and do not need education to get them. Children are raised by parents’ concept of “boy should be raised like this” and “girl should be raised like this”. In order to think out of the box, we need education of thinking flexible as early as we can. And giving education is us, parents but not children, so I would like to be careful to that when I become a mother.

On movie night, I watched detective pokemon (I am sorry Adrienne…). I did not watch that movie in Japan. It was interesting. First of all, I was so surprised that pikachu speaks in very low voice. I have an image that pikachu is adorable so I imagined his voice would be high and cute.

One pokemon “koduck” which is in Japanese name are called “Psyduck” in American version. But pikachu is called pikachu in both countries. I think why there is a difference between these two is how well one is known. Pikachu is number 1!!

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