Akane Ishii journal4

Now, I’m going to write about my memory of the first day in Washington D.C.

For the dinner, I went to Korean café with my friend. In the café, I was surprised to know that we were able to eat miso soup for free. There were tofu and seaweed in the miso soup. Tofu was so small that I noticed it was instant miso soup. Daisy said American basically eat instant miso soup in the café and restaurant. I want her to eat Japanese miso soup. After that, I went bubble tea shop. In the store, there were many Asian people, mainly Korean people. Bubble tea is very popular in Japan. The taste was similar to Japanese bubble tea and it was very good. I was able to select the amount of sugar of the tea. I chose ‘less sugar’ but it was sweet, so I wonder why Americans like such a sweet taste.



On the second day in the Washington D.C., I went to the museum by a subway. This was the first time for me to take a subway in America. Dupont Circle station was different from that of Japan. It was like a attraction of Disneyland. The ceiling was high and large round shape. The train came about every 10 minutes, and it wasn’t delayed today. I thought that subway is more developed than I have expected.

In the morning, I went to Natural History Museum. We can enter the museum for free. In the museum, there are models of marine species, apes, dinosaurs and so on. Especially I enjoyed the area of apes. Compared to Japanese museums, the museums was noisy.

After lunch, I went to Air and Space Museum. I noticed that almost all staff of the museum was black people. I thought that it was interesting that there were differences of races of staff at each museum.

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