Mamiko Honda Entry 4

I learned many things through preparing for presentation. First, I thought Choosing interesting topic was difficult. I use vending machines frequently, so I thought it was a good idea to research it. However, for many people in America it might not be interesting because they don’t often use it . I felt what seems interesting in Japan is not necessarily what seems interesting in America. Next, I thought comparison of culture was hard. There are various regions in Japan and America, so which region we choose to compare could change result of research. Considering all of people in each country is impossible, but we had to consider many cases as possible as we can. Comparing America and Japan equally was the biggest problem for us. This presentation became precious experience for me because I haven’t had an opportunity to do presentation in English, so this is my first time to do it. I tried to look up and speak clearly. I became confident after this presentation.

My first impression of Washington DC was different from what I imagined. Each Building in Washington DC is higher and larger than building in Virginia. Although there are many buildings, there are also much nature in the city. I was surprised to see that. We can see many monuments everywhere in this city. The whole city is looks like museum. I feel that people in America make much of own history. However, We also can enjoy other countries culture in Washington DC. I heard from Chris food that we cannot eat in Japan like Ethiopian food was available in Washington DC. Not only own culture but also other country’s culture is gathered. I ate Korean food for dinner. It was delicious. I was surprised to find free miso soup. In this restaurant there were many Asian people, and I though many people from abroad live in this city, and many kinds of people live together here.

I went to three museums: Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum and Portrait Gallery. Each museum has so many displays that I couldn’t look well all of them. However, I could understand how wonderful Smithsonian Museums are.

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