Yuka Kawashima journal4

8/17, we had a presentation. I think all groups’ presentation are much better and greater than we had in Japan. I learned that the voice should be clear so that all listener can concentrate on the presentation’s contents and eye contact is important for presenter when making a speech. After the presentation, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I can apply this experience of searching and presenting to usual English class I take in Keio university.

I was very sad to leave Williamsburg because I think I could take very intellectual lectures and the not so hot climate is very good to spend days. I was also happy to eat many delicious foods in there. I am exited to spend all free days in Washington D.C.

To be frank, I feel that Washington D.C. is more dangerous than Williamsburg. Many people sit down on the ground and begging something. But, my first experience of taking a ride on subway in America was interesting. It has some differences between Japan’s and American’s. For example, it is smoother in Japan to go through the ticket gate. I think that the Japanese use the train a lot to commute, and the smooth has a role to reduce congestion at rush hour. The United States, on the other hand, does not need to be smooth because trains are not considered to be the main means of transportation. In addition, the making inside the station was different. Japan is not dome-shaped and the ceiling is lower than that of the United States. Therefore, I was surprised that the escalator which went down from the ground to the underground was so long.

8/18, yellow dialog class went to National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of Natural History. In former museum, I could learn many of

The most impressed things were rocket that went to the earth in real and the replica of dinosaur.

After looking around museums, I went to Pentagon city and shopping around the mall. I could buy souvenir for my little sister.

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