4 koryu

I want to write about how I feel and what I could learn about while I was engaged in the FG works. When I started this work, I feel tired and didn`t want to make slide. But as I search on the internet about the history and social connection about America and Japan, I could find many interesting fact and material of search by profeesional. I feel I didn`t know anything about my own country. Our group search about the difference of how to go to eiementary school between America and Japan. I found that the birth of school bus was connected to the discrimination of black people. I knew a little bit about the discrimination, but I didn`t know about the detail. For example, the courts and the how the black people were treated. Through my search, I awared many field about the way of going to school in America and in Jaoan have some common factors. For example, we serch in terms of history and social and economical. It seems threre are no connection in those three fields. But when we look our theme in these difference points, we could understand more deeply about what we needed to check next.   

 After we finished our presentation, we listened to others` presentation. Their presentation was wonderful, and It was good to make my knowledge more abundance. The history of vending machine was very interesting, and I could understand the purpose of the vending machine in Japan and also in Japan. There was also a presentation I couldn`t understand the hole meaning, so I wanted to ask some question to the member of that presentation. I think the discrimination of the black and the women is very important and have much influence of the lives of America. So, I mean to learn about the history deeply is to know and observe current culture of America.      






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