Erina Ohara Journal4

I visited the two museums, Natural History Museum and Air and Space Museum.  I was so excited to go to these museums before visiting because they are so popular.

First, I visited Natural History Museum.  The museum is used in the movie, Night at the Museum, so I knew before.  I watched the movie recently and would be a fan of the movie.  Therefore, I was so looking forward to visiting Natural History Museum.  I was so impressed by the appearance that is magnificent and beautiful at first.  In the museum, there are so many fossils such as dinosaurs and fish.  They are so dynamic and cool.  I remembered my childhood’s feelings when I saw the dinosaurs.  Although those fossils are fake except a few real ones, I was able to imagine the era which dinosaurs lived in the earth.  How did the dinosaurs live?  How was the nature then?  I tried to imagine the answers as clear as possible.  I talked about that with my friends and enjoyed the time.  We can’t know the answer correctly and see the dinosaurs.  However, that points are so amazing and interesting.  I think that what we can know everything relating the earth is too boring.  We have a lot of mysteries about the earth.  Though I am not always care about that, I think about that during visiting the museum that related with history or learning history in a class.  That time is one of my favorite times.

Second, I visited Air and Space Museum.  There were so many airplanes and space shuttles.  Today, flying the sky is normal.  I have never thought about the fact that there were people who tried flying the sky.  If they had not challenged, we couldn’t fly.  It is sometimes dangerous to challenge to new thing.  However, if nobody challenges to new thing, we can’t get happiness very much.  Challenging to new thing maybe have much time to achieve the goals.  It is difficult for us to do that, but that probably makes many people happy.  I think that I learned the importance of trying new thing.

Furthermore, I was so glad that we were able to celebrate Adrienne on her birthday!!  She is the best professor.  We love her so much.  Happy Birthday♡

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