Fumiho Tanaka Journal 4

On August 17th, I went to see the World War || Memorial after having dinner at Argentine steakhouse which was absolutely great. I arrived at the memorial at 10 pm,and it was pretty dark outside. When I first saw the view,I was about to cry because it was very breathtaking. I had never seen this kind of view that was different from illumination or normal light up. The fountain at the center of the memorial was lightning up and surprisingly beautiful. Also,the monuments with a name of each state of the U.S were around the fountain and lightning up and just amazing.

In Japan,there is a place called Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome). It is located in Hiroshima prefecture which experienced atomic bomb from the U.S. army at the last period of the World War ||.  Now I wish to go there because I have never been to the memorial. Unlike the World War || Memorial,Hiroshima Peace Memorial is far away from the capital city of Japan,Tokyo. It takes about 4 hours and half by bullet train. But I believe its worth spending that amount of time to go see the memorial as it makes you think about how you should live in the future.

The difference between Japanese memorial and the American memorial was that Japanese one is very solemn and gloomy because a lot of people died in the war,whereas the American one is more frank as many people are moving around by bicycle and skater,and some people were touching the water of the fountain by foot. Those behaviors would be seen as root in Japan. But I think that people will not forget about the war because they can come to the World War || Memorial easily,and it is a very important thing.

On one the walls at the memorial,it was written that They fought together as brothers-in-arms. They died together and now they sleep side by side. To them,we have a solemn obligation.(Admiral Chester W. Nimitz)I think this is a very heavy,deep meaning word.

In the end,by coming to this place,I thought that the war must not to be repeated ever again,and everyone who saw this memorial would think the same way. We should preserve the World War || Memorial,as well as Hiroshima Peace Memorial to tell the importance of the world peace to posterity. It became one of the unforgettable places that I have been to and made me think about the life deeply.

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