Haruna Fujimaki Journal Entry 4

When we went to Smithsonian museums, it was a first time for me to ride on the trains abroad. Firstly, I was surprised at the darkness of the platform because Japanese platforms have more lights and are brighter than American platforms. Secondly, it was very hot there. In Japan, platforms of the subway have air conditioner and they keep cool temperature. But in America, I felt uncomfortable without air conditioner though there were big fans. Finally, there were some escalator that stopped moving.

I was very astonished at these because I know America has many new technologies. For example, medical technologies or science technologies are being developed most in America. In the Air and Space Museum, I watched the video about space technology, I felt respectful against America because they have had a lot of experiments and found so many facts about space.

So, I really wondered why America don’t use the technology for platforms of the subway. I thought the same thing during focus group work. I belonged to focus group 2 and researched about vending machines. There are some differences on vending machines. One of the differences is hot and cold machines. In Japan, most of machines can sell hot and cold drinks at the same time while in America, machines that sell hot drinks are usually separated from those sell cold drinks. It is very convenient to sell hot and cold drinks at the same time but in America, it is separated and no one order to merge them into one machine.

I think this is because the idea toward development is different, In America, technology against huge goal is developing, such as space shuttles. However, Japanese use technology for smaller goal too. Japanese technologies are to make people comfortable, such as platform lights or hot and cold vending machines. Of course, in Japan, technologies that have a big purpose is also developing. But the scale of those is bigger in America than in Japan. This is because the volume of resources is different and the idea of technology is different between America and Japan.

Hot and cold vending machines are convenient but not necessary. I think American people use technology to create new big one, not to unnecessary one because the resources are limited and people require big one. Meanwhile Japanese people put more importance on how to make life comfortable. So, in Japan, platform is cooler and brighter, and vending machines have hot and cold drinks.

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