Honoka Nakagawa journal4

After I came to Washington D.C., I got in various transportation. I usually moved by a van in Williamsburg, so it was flesh to experience various transportation in the U.S. I would like to talk about transportation I experienced or saw for the first time in Washington D.C. First, I experienced Uber. Uber is ride-sharing app, driving car by general drivers. It is a service like taxies. In Focus Group of this program, our group studied women-only transportation, comparing women-only passenger car in Japan and women-only Uber in the U.S., so I knew Uber. But I have not seen and taken Uber, I did not know what it is like. On took in it actually, a car immediately came to the place we were, and we did not need to explain where we want to go and pay at once because we could do that by app before or after. And Uber was cheaper than taxi. I thought Uber is very convenient. Until I studied Uber in Focus Group, I didn’t know that Uber is used in Japan. Uber is actually introduced in Japan, such as in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. Although Uber is very convenience, it doesn’t become popular so much in Japan. I thought it is because in Japan, in particular Tokyo, there are many trains and railway routes. Recently women-only Uber is introduced in the U.S., so I thought Uber is not only convenient but also safe. Second, although I don’t know that I can say it is transportation, I saw many people riding an electric kickboard. In Japan, it is classified motor bicycle and we have to get a license plate, attach turn signal and put on a helmet in case we ride an electric kickboard on public road. And the road in Japan is narrower than in the U.S. Therefore, we cannot use it easily unlike the U.S. I think an electric kickboard is more environmentally friendly than cars and is easy to ride for children. I want to ride it when I next visit the U.S.

These transportations cannot often see in Japan. So, I was happy to do valuable experience in the U.S.

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