Honoka.T Journal4

I will write how to spent in yesterday.I went Smithsonian Museum with my dialogue class members.I was very surprised two facts.First, Smithsonian Museum is free admission.Because there are entrance fees for Japanese museums.I am a student, so I don’t have to pay entrance fees in Japan.But if I am a full-fledged member of society, I have to pay entrance fees.I will be a full-fledged member of society next spring, so I can’t look at this problem as bystanders.I earnestly hope that the museums in Japan are all free admission.Second, Smithsonian Museum is more prosperous than in these museums in Japan.there are many families in Smithsonian Museum.I think it is very kind for families not to pay entrance fees. Especially,I think there are many children in Smithsonian Museum.I went to National Gallery of Art with Yuna and Mikoto.When we got in National Gallery of Art, we were very surprised.Because most of art galleries in Japan are usually silent.Some of art galleries in Japan decline to admit with children because children may spoil the mood in art gallery.I think this trend in Japan is not good.I think children should see many paintings, sculptures, music and more.Especially small child, children are very impressionable and are easily influenced by what they see and hear.I meet my cousin who is three years old once a year, I am often very surprised him flexible mindset.I think children’s flexible mindsets come from a meritorious deed performed by a predecessor.I think this is common fact shared by the world.So I think museum and art gallery in Japan should be free admission.This approach will make us happy and rich.I want to hold a personal exhibition in the future, so I study how to treat creative works carefully in Mita Campus.If I hold a personal exhibition, this exhibition will be free admission.

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