journal 4 Tsukasa Nakamura museums

10 days have passed since I came to the United State. My studying abroad in the United State is fine so far. I am happy that we finished our presentation well. I was able to consider about difference between Japan and the United State. It is worth thinking about difference. I have never thought about it before participating this program. I learned a lot about the differences.


Today`s topic is the Smithsonian museum. I went to air and space museum and national museum. I was looking forward to going to the museums. Because I am fan of planes and I have seen national museum in the movie which is night museum. The air and space museum gave me stimulation. I learned about how to fly and wright brothers and transceiver. I think wright brothers are really genius. Even if I was born in 19 century I had never tried to fly. I learned how important curious is. The brothers finally flew on their own. I respect them. If I have chance to make new technology, I will not give up like them.

I also went to National Museum. I watched many fossils and dinosaur models on displays. I was interested in dinosaur when I was child. They excited my feeling of curiosity. I wanted to concentrate on watching carefully, so I walk around alone. My friends also wanted to walk around. We had a good time there. I wonder why do many boys like dinosaurs. I think many boys watched the movie which is Jurassic park. The movie made us to like dinosaurs.

The museums are bigger than museums in Japan. I have never been to such a big museum before. In Japan, there are a few parks near museums. I think how to use climate of an areas are different in Japan and the United State. Of course, Japan are smaller than the United State. But I think Japan could use land more effectively like the United State. People in the United State are emotionally able to handle something due to their big land. I would like to go there again.

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