journal4 Aiko Nagamine

I arrived in Washington D.C.!
I was surprised to see many slim peoples in Washington!

Today was very tiring.
It is because I walked from U street to cupcake storing Goerge town.
It took about 40minutes.

And I didn’t realize how different sensation toward walking time is between American and Japanese.
In Japan, it is normal to walk about 30 minutes in Tokyo.
For examples, we usually think we can walk easily from Tokyo to Kanda(the station next to Tokyo).
Some of the people who work in Tokyo walk two or three stations from the nearest station to the office in order to save fare and think of my health.
My friend also says that I often walk from Shinjuku station to Shibuya station−these stations are so far that it took 1hour−because she likes to walk and has free time.
Japanese (I think of course it depends on ourselves)tend to think we can walk easily within 30minutes.
If we have the option that takes walking for 30minus or ride a train for 50minutes, more people than American will decide to walk.

In Washington, many happy things had happened. Actually, I love Tapioka(It called babble)and founded it finally.
I was so so happy. I missed Tapioca.
But I also excited to see nudle menu.
In Japan, I think there is no place to seal nudle in Japan.
I considered it interesting.
I ordered seafood nudle, that was too different from the picture on the menu but it was tasty.

In the same day, I went to eat Korean food with my friends.
In the Korean food store, we could drink miso soup−that is Japanese food. We Japanese drink it every day−for free.
I was impressed by miso soup because it was very delicious.Then,Daisy said to me “I heven’t seen ingredient in miso soup other than tofu and seawood.” I was shocked.Oh,my gosh.I wanted to tell her there is another ingredients but I don’t have very much of a ocabulary, so I can’t tell her every thing. If i could talk English more better,I could laough with many people and spend more wonderful time.I want to study English more.

Oh,Today−8.17 is Adrienne’s birthday!!I bought cupcakes at Sprinkles Georgetown with Akane.I was so happy to celebrate special day of her life ^ ^





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