Journal4 Ryusei Kuwamitsu

On August 16, we left Williams Burg and went to Washington D.C. We took about 3 hours to go to D.C. In my first impression, Williams Burg is rural and looks like an old town, on the other hand, D.C., there are many buildings and more modern than Williams Burg. I could see some roman style buildings. It was very beautiful.

I went to the National Mall with my friends. I saw Washington Monument, WW2 Memorial, and Reflecting Pool. I particularly like Reflecting Pool. In the movie Forrest Gump, Gump met his girlfriend in the pool. The scene is very impressive and I would like to go to see there once. I saw the moon from the pool, the moon that next to Washington Monument in the lower position was round, large, brightly, deep color and beautiful. I never forget the moon.

There are many beautiful places in D.C. However not only beautiful places but also dirty something is in there. For example, I think that stations and poor people. Stations of the metro are bigger than in Japan but old and inconvenience. There were hot and not clean. Especially the ticket gate was developed less than Japan. I don’t like it.

In D.C., I could see many poor people on the street. I didn’t see them in Williams Burg. I found that almost them ware African people. I remember that Dr. Mel Ely’s lecture. He said that almost poor people are African Americans and they are still poor. I was convinced that it is true.

Of course, poor people are also in Japan. However, Japan is a single ethnic country. I can’t discrimination that what ethnic the poor person is. On the other hand, the U.S. is a multi-ethnic country. So, I can discrimination. The problem is eye-catching. It can’t help those poor people exist. However, why are there many African Americans in poor people?

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