Journal4 Yu Shimodaira

I will talk about Washington city. The first impression is that Washington is very urban.  It is baecause there are a lot of people and tall buildings. Also,I felt that it was dangerous to walk in the middle of night. Yesterday ,I went to the Smithsonian Museums and Pentagon city.  First, I went to the National Museum of Natural History. There were a lot of people ,especially children. I like the movie ” Night at the Museum”,so I was very excited .The most  part I was interested in was dinosaur zone.   I liked dinosaur  very much when I was a child. Dinosaur was bigger than I imagined. Their tusk is very sharp. If I were masiticated , I would be died in a moment. Next ,I went to the National Air &Space Museum. There were  life-size model  of  planes. I was imressed to have made invented planes. If planes had not been invented, we could not have visited America to study abroad.Therefore, I think  that plane is great invention.

I want to talk about what I thought from two museums. First ,I was surprised that admisson fee was free.  It is because that the purpose of Smithsonian Agreement is an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledege among men. I want  museums like it in Japan. Also, I thought that the  security was very high in the museums. I went through baggage inspection as I went through in airport. I don’t know why the museums carry out this inspection.

Last, I want to talk about pentagon. The shopping center in pentagon is similar to the shopping center in Japan,so I felt as if I were in Japan.I enjoyed shopping but I didn’t buy anything.I like to see around very much. I ate tacos in  Taco Bell for dinner. It’s taste is different from one in Japan.

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