Kanna Shimane Entry 4

On August 15, I finally did my presentation. My focus group number was 1, and our PA was Kelly. We searched transportation differences between Japan and America. I feel that we might be able to do our best and good presentation thanks to Kelly, but the way to completion was not easy for us.


Before coming to the U.S., we did advance training for three times. We were said at the first advance training that we would have to submit two report with 2,000 words in Japanese and do interim announcement of presentation about comparison between Japan and the U.S. I had never heard that so I was really surprised and felt hopeless. At the first advance training, we also had started to think about our presentation topic, but we, focus group 1, could not get a good topic then. We discussed about the topic over and over and finally, we could decide the topic at the end of second advance training. We were really glad then but other groups had already started to search their topics and only 3 weeks left, so I feel upset a little.


Our first topic was differences between each country’s kingdom school bus, but we could find good and concrete sources and evidences about the topic, so we changed the subject into differences of elementary school transportation. We had to do not only presentation prepare but also two reports, of course, studies for term-end exams too, so we could finish our presentation prepare only several days before. We struggled to remember the script and explain fluently, but we could finish our interim announcement without any troubles. We relieved and forgot the presentation for a while until leaving Japan.


After arriving at the U.S., the preparation for final announcement of presentation was started. Kelly had found a lot of lack points about our presentation and made some outlines or flow charts to make our thought clearer. In addition, Sala also gave many advices for us. The two of them became really help of us and I cannot thank them enough. Our group had to change or add new evidences and delete some information. They were hard jobs for us but remaking slides and script were much harder. We did that until just before with suffering but thanks to that, we could make such a good presentation.


It passed only 5 months from entering university, so I have never done such study and presentation. It was not easy tasks but I think that I could get valuable experience through presentation.

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