Kaori Sano/Journal4/what I learned before&after the presentations

I’d like you to write about 3things that I learned from preparation time for the last Focus Group presentation. The first thing is, it is so important to do our best, even if there is no situation like the best environment what w&m PAs and CIs provide. The second thing is, it is a good idea to suggest idea for seniors,making our teams better. The third thing is, I should always be myself and be strong. My computer was accidentally broken after canon visit, but thanks to Daisy& other Focus Group members’ support, I think it was the best performance for all Keio students, trying to do their best to both lecture&FAQs. I told Mr.Horiguchi, who led what contents should write down on slides and  speak up in the presentations, to appreciation for his hardworking in August 17th. I said to him “Thank you for your diligent work and cooperations”. He didn’t say anything because, in my opinion, he is too shy to talk about his contribution to other dialogue class members or his roommates, Mr.Kuwamitsu.

Speaking of meals in Williamsburg, for me, catering pizza was the most delicious one for most people in my same Focus Group members. It is because we did not have time to eat lunch, and ate sandwiches or hamburgers almost everyday!! And I decided not to eat such kinds of fast-food often. Actually, sandwiches in Williamsburg was far better cost-performance than in Japan. In fact, I don’t eat sandwiches more than two times a month. Rather, I usually go to family restaurants whose food is both healthy and inexpensive. But, the problem of so called family restaurant is, often opens only in lunch time. By contrast, the Chinese restaurant called New Dynasty opens 6am in the morning and closes 10pm. I went there last night to eat a lot of vegetables and fried rice with shrimps. It only costed $21.89, and thanks to the catering service, I brought them back to the hotel and could eat same vegetables this morning.

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