Maho Arito Journal 4

I went to National Air and Space Museum on August 17th. I watched Albert Einstein Planetarium “Dark Universe” there. The story of the planetarium was about the universe. The planets, starts, and everything we can see make up less than 5% of the universe. The other 95% is Dark Universe. Dark Universe examines invisible dark matter that, together with dark energy, accounts for the other 95% of the universe’s total energy and mass. In Japan, I had ever watched the planetarium whose story was about starts we could see. For example, the Great Dipper, the polar star, and the twelve signs of the zodiac we use when we tell a person’s fortune based on a birthday. But it was the first time I watched the planetarium of the universe. So, it was very excited and interesting. I could also see the difference of the planetarium between Japan and America. First, projectors were seen from the audience in Japan. However, projector of the planetarium was not seen from us in America, so I could feel as if I was in the universe. Second, the hall of it was bigger in America than in Japan.
I also saw the model of the first plane the Wright Brothers made. The size was much smaller than I had expected. And I thought the frame of it was very weak and plane have developed very much since they had made it. People could not image plane would become what it is now. I took an airplane when I came to America from Japan before 2 weeks. The fright was very long but comfortable because the airplane rarely vibrated. So, I could sleep well in the airplane and the fright was good memory of this study trip. I think development of technology is great thing through I saw the exhibition of the Wright Brothers.

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