Mikoto Kanno Journal4

I went to Smithsonian Museum. I was surprised that there are many kinds of museums. I didn’t think that. I went to National Air and Space Museum, National museum of Natural History, National Museum of American History and National Gallery of art. There are a lot of difference between America and Japan. The scale of the museum is very big, but you can enter for free. There are many museums in Ueno, Tokyo, but you must pay entrance fee. Smithsonian Museum that you can enter without entrance fee. I think museums would be the best teaching material for children’s education. Now I am going to talk about National Museum of American History.

First, I can take pictures freely. This is true of any American museum. In general, you can’t take pictures in Japan. In addition, you can touch so many display items. It was close to the display items and I felt it was fun.

Second, I feel that history is said only things that suit the country. I learned museums in England. For example, British Museum and Tate Modern and so on. I knew that there is the problem between England and Greek. The problem of whose is Parthenon. Is Parthenon Greece? or England? They discuss the problem for a long time. But they both say that Parthenon is mine. History is different between England and Greek. I thought it is like America and Japan. Japan is largely picking up only the damage that is caused by the Second World War. But, no mention of cruel act in the attack on Pearl Harbor. On the other hand, there were the positive words, for example, “victory” or “peace” in The National Museum of American History. And, there were a lot of display about Attack on Pearl Harbor. But there was a little display about the atomic bomb. The display showed that Hideki Tojo worked in the same way as Adolf Hitler, Mussolini. I was surprised to see it. I feel that American think Hideki Tojo was a fascist like Hitler and Mussolini. Japanese don’t think that. I was able to realize that history varies by country. I’m looking forward to learn about American museum next semester.

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