Journal4, Taro Uemura

I have been to Washington D.C. one time, so this is not my first trip to the capital of the United States, but it was 7 years ago, so many things are fresh. Moreover, I found some differences from Williamsburg or Japan. Now, let me talk about those topics. First, I paied attention to its safety. After I arrived at Washington D.C., I walked around and had a dinner. The restrant was a little far, so I came back to the hotel at 10 p.m. . At that time, I felt scared because there are a lot of beggers in the city especially around the station. Moreover, when I got off the train, a man who said to me that he did not have any money to ride a bus asked me for one and half dollars, but I thought he was a suspicious person because his clothes were dirty, so I refuse that request. In Williamsburg, there were no or few beggers, therefore I think that Washington is less secure than Williamsburg because Washington is bigger than Williamsburg. On the other hand, there are homeless people in Tokyo but I think they don’t ask money. They live in public space for example park or station, and build house which is made of cardboard or blue tarp. Of course I felt scared at night in Tokyo, but I think that Tokyo is safer than Washington DC.  Therefore, I think that taxi is safest vehicle in DC because I don’t have to get closer to homeless person. Second, I focus on subway. In DC, subway is called Metro. Also in Tokyo, subway is called Metro, so it is similar. In DC, there is no air conditionar and is only fan, on the contrary in Tokyo there is air conditionar and no fan, so it is a difference.

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