Maho Arito Journal5

I found some cultural observations of life in America during I stayed there for 2 weeks. First, foods are much bigger in America than in Japan. At the Starbucks coffee in America, the short size equaled the tall size in Japan. The biggest food I ate there was Nachos in a seafood restaurant. I couldn’t eat half of it. However, I could bring it with a box. There are not such boxes in Japan, so I was very surprised and I think it is good idea. At the supermarket, the number of foods in a pack is very big. I wanted to buy some bottled water, but there were 3 dozen or more bottled water. So, I shared them with my friend. I also felt there were a little of vegetables and fruits in America. At the hotel in Williamsburg, there was no vegetable in the morning. In Japan, there are usually many vegetables and fruits at hotels in the morning. I think American people eat less vegetables than Japanese people do. Second, I was surprised that American people don’t soak in the bathtub. Most of Japanese people usually soak in the bathtub when they take bath. There are a lot of spas in Japan and I think many Japanese people like that very much. I like it too, so I was sad I couldn’t soak in the bathtub for 2 weeks. Third, most of American people often use credit cards. In Japan, I rarely use it because I can’t see how much money I have used. However, most of American people use credit cards, so the time it cost to check using them is less than that using cash in America. So, I often used a credit card too during 2 weeks and it was very useful. Finally, American people were much kinder than I had expected before I came to America. At the door, people who are walking at the head keep it open until the last person enter the door. At the restaurant, the waitress asks how the dish is and whether I have more dishes. In Japan, the waitress doesn’t speak to me unless I speak to them. So, I was very surprised at the first but very happy. At the super market, the clerk also spoke to me, “How are you today?” From these things, I think American people are very kind and friendly and Japanese people are kind but shy.

Adding to these things I was very interested in scooters many people in Washington ride on the road. There are scooters as toys in Japan and I also rode a scooter when I was a child. However, I saw scooters as a way of traffic for the first time. It is smaller than a bike and we can rent it using an app. So, I think it is very useful and I hope the scooters become wide spread in Japan.

This was my first time to go abroad and visit America. So, I found many differences between America and Japan and know the good points of each country.

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