Kanna Shimane Journal 5

From August 5th to August 21st, I had a great time in Williamsburg and Washington D.C. It was not easy program but I could learn a lot and get precious memory which I cannot forget forever. I cannot believe that 16 days had already gone and I cannot spend more time with wonderful members. I’m really sad and I wanted to spend time with Ravynn, Laura, CIs, and PAs.


In this program, I could get not only new friends but also some expressions and importance of studying. All PAs had a lot of knowledge and I could not answer their questions some time. I could not believe that they were almost same age as me. I was stimulated by them and I felt that I would have to study and know more about everything.


I was very nervous at the first because I had no friend in this program and I had never done research in my life when this program started. Moreover, our focus group could not decide the theme easily, it was also the big cause of my being nervous. Finally, we could find the good topic and do presentation well, I’m satisfied and relieved now. Comparing differences between Japan and the U.S. was not easy and my heart broke over and over, but I think it was very valuable time to know not only the U.S. culture but also Japan culture. I’m glad to know that I was ignorant of Japan and I became to want to study more about Japan.


In dialogue classes, Adrienn took 10 minutes to think questions for professors at first, then taught us some difficult understanding words and made chance to talk with yellow dialogue class members in English every time. Contents of lectures were difficult and what was made me more complicated, professors talked too fast and used words which I had never heard. So, Adirienn’s support was really helpful for me and thanks to her, I could understand lectures a little more easily. Before taking lectures, I was bad at thinking questions because there were few chances to think questions in Japan. However, after thinking questions for 10 minutes, we had to say individual questions in front of dialogue class members, so we were made opportunity to speak out our opinions forcibly. Some time it was very difficult for me and I get bored many times but thanks to that, I have less bad feeling to thinking questions. I’m happy to be blessed with such great members and CI because I could spend fun time in van and celebrate Adrienn’s birthday. I had not imagined that I could spend such joyful time in dialogue classes and became closer. Everything was thanks to Adrienn, thank you so much Adirienn.


When I talked with CIs or PAs, they often used ‘make sense’ when they confirmed us whether we could understand or not. I had never heard and learnt such expression before, it was fresh for me and I did not know the meaning of the phrase at the first time. With hearing the phrase over and over, I could become to use it in conversation only a few times. When I was able to use it naturally, it is childish impression but I was glad because I was alike to be able to become native English speaker. Also, I frequently heard the phrase, ‘that sounds good.’ I knew the expression but I could not use it in conversation because I do not know the obvious reason by myself but I felt ashamed to use it. It was harder to use than ‘make sense.’


Through this program, I became aware of my superficial way of thinking. Whenever reflecting my opinion, especially when reflecting my journal, I always became sad and sorry because I could not write good journal and my impressions were always ordinary ones. To make better these problems is not easy but I’m glad to be able to notice my weak points such as these. I want to improve my English skills and make good use these experiences with my future.


Thank you everyone.

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