Honoka.T Journal5

I will write how my perception of US changed before and after the program.Before the program, I think two things about America.At first, I was very afraid of being laughed at my English pronunciation.Because I am not good at pronouncing English with fluency.And I had a little prejudiced opinion that people in US give me the cold shoulder because my English pronunciation doesn’t pass it for them.But that was not the case.That prejudice is overturned.Many people in America are very kind.They cared about me.For example, they spoke slowly, so I was very easy to understand English.And they expressed them thoughts to me using gestures, so I could understand them intentions regarding that.I was very comfortable in America thanks to them.In addition, Kelly told me “You have a good pronunciation in English, so don’t be afraid of speaking English!”These words impress deeply on my mind because I didn’t have no confidence.I got some self-confidence in that.Second, I think talking positively is very important through this opportunity.Before this program, I didn’t speak positively because I was afraid of mistakes.But on this program, I learned that if nothing will start unless I speak first.The typical case is processing payment in food shops.I often ask recommended foods in Japan because I want to eat delicious foods, so I did ditto in America.It was difficult for me to ask recommend foods in English because I have little vocabulary skills about foods.And when I ordered a cheese hamburger, I wanted to get a cheese hamburger without pickles.But expressions through words won’t come out promptly in a minute.But I tried to tell the salesclerk all of the thoughts in my mind.As a result, I met with success.I think the reason why my effort paid off is not to give up.This experience made me confident.By the way, before the program, I made fun of  Tetsuro Degawa : who is a Japanese famous comedian.I often watch “Sekai no hatemade itte Q” : one of the most famous TV program in Japan because this TV program is very funny.In Television program, He often goes in many countries and talks to passsengers in English.He always speaks unjust English, so I think he is a little lazy.But through this program, his image has changed and I noticed the reason why his thought conveyed to passengers by his unjust English.For example, when he wanted to ask to passengers who is Prime Minister in UK.But he didn’t know how to say “Shushou” in English.(Shushou means Prime Minister in Japanese.)Whereupon he tried to ask by replace the words :  “Prime Minister” with “President”.(Needless to say, there is no president in UK lol.)In this way, even if you don’t know the most suitable words, you can convey your thoughts by replacing similar words.I think this skill is the most important thing.To tell the truth, I think I can speak English better than him : I was overconfident because I studied English very hard when I was in junior and senior high school.But I noticed I didn’t speak English when I was in junior and senior high school : I studied “theoretical” English, not “practical” English.I noticed speaking English and writing English are very different, too.What I learned this time in this program is, for example, even with low English skills, if I work to communicate and practices English more, I will improve my English conversational skills.I learned a lot of things in this program, thank you!!

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