Journal5 Ryusei Kuwamitsu

I went to Virginia and Washington D.C. in the U.S. from August 5th to 20th. It was only 2 weeks but I could have valuable experiences. The most interesting point was religion. We went to the church and had a lecture by Dr. Jessica Johnson. These experiences were interesting but I was impressed when P.A. and I talked about philosophy.

One day, the P.A. asked me about my major and I answered that my major is philosophy and ethic. Then, he surprised and started talking about philosophy. He asked me “Do you believe the god?“ I said, “Yes, but I believe the god who is like that we thought.” Then he taught me that it was agnosticism. I asked him that question and he answered yes. However, he is Chinese and he didn’t believe the god until recently. Most people in Chine don’t believe the god also him but he came to the U.S. to go to study. He told with some professors and went to the church. His mind was changed.

He mentioned that C.S. Lewis who is the author of the Chronicles of Narnia. C.S. Lewis didn’t believe the god but his mind was changed because of the influence of his friend J.R.R. Tolkien who is the author of the lord of the ring. Like the case in China, most people in Japan don’t believe the god and don’t have religion. I believe the god but I don’t have religion. However, after talking with him, my mind is changing. I study philosophy, so I’m interested in religion. The good point of religion I thought is moral view. People who have religion have some rules, for example, they should do something or shouldn’t something. They were taught that some rules until their childhood. It is a great point of religion. I don’t tell that people who don’t have religion have no rules. I think that religion is great.


I went to the American History Museum in Smithsonian. I watched the history from the beginning to recently of America. I found that the difference between the U.S. and Japan. I think that it is an effort. In my opinion, in old time, there were people in Japan. People got together and made spontaneously the country that is Japan. I think that people in Japan are living passively. In a sense, people in Japan are brought to japan, born in Japan passively. It is not active will. On the other hand, people came to America, they would like to go. They had the will to make the country. So, America made actively. People in America, they made an effort that to make the U.S. They were born to America to America, work in America for America, and fight for America. It is the reason why America is great in the world. I could feel something like this in the baseball stadium. People sang the national anthem and put the hand on the chest. I think that American like U.S. Sometimes, people in the U.S. fight with each other but the fight is for the U.S. Both fighters like the U.S. However, in Japan, to like own country means dangerous. Japanese has some bad history.


I was stimulated through this program. This is my precious experience. I could change my mind and get a wider view.

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