Mikoto Kanno Journal5

The time I spent in America went by very fast. I watched many kinds of lectures. In addition, I learned American culture from outside of lectures. I had many interesting and exciting experiences because I visited America for the first time.

I had looked forward to experience American food culture before I visited America because I like eating and cooking food. I found the interesting difference between America and Japan about food culture.

I think there are some good point that Japan does not have.

First, you can take the rest food to go. I was surprised at expensive and large dishes. I couldn’t finish it all the first about three days, because it was too much. American food was very delicious but it was a shame that I couldn’t finish it all. Then I was told that I could have box to go by PA. I ate the rest of food for lunch as the dinner. There are few restaurants that willingly allows you to take home in Japan. I think that is good effort to eliminate Food wastes.

Second, you can know the calorie of food. I found food that was labeled the calorie at some restaurants and supermarkets. I had decided my order, considering price and calorie of food. You can adjust the total calories of the day because you know the calorie of food. I had a prejudice that there are highly obesity rate and Food waste in America. But The U.S. government takes measures. I found food that care for your health in many supermarkets. For example, low calorie, fat free, gluten-free and organic food.

There are many health foods in the United States, but there are as much foods that use sugar as health foods. And according to the obesity rate of Americans, you can see that American have chosen foods that are high in sugar. The rate of obesity of America is higher than that of Japan. So, I want to think about what I can do in future in my university student life. I would like to work in the future to support people’s health from a dietary perspective. For example, doing activities to get people to know the nutritional balance of everyday meals and how to interact with sugar and high-calorie foods. These are thinking about working in America. Other activities include spreading organic foods and making vegan dishes known in Japan. In Japan, rice is the staple food, but many people eat bread. I think the word “gluten-free” is not familiar to Japanese because rice is a staple food, but now that wheat foods are increasing, I think Japanese must also be conscience of gluten-free. Whether I work in Japan or America in future, I would like to introduce healthy eating methods that do not exist in that country. I also wanted to learn not only America and Japan, but also the dietary patterns of other countries and what other countries were aware of.

Through this studying abroad, I experienced American food culture and was interested in more food culture in other countries. Studying in America was an important experience for me. .


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