journal 5 Tsukasa Nakamura


The 2 weeks passed by in an instant and back to normal life. Spending 2 weeks with special great students was stimulating and interesting. I accumulated great experience in short term going abroad to study. I never forget this program. I will keep learning English and American culture. I went abroad for only 2 weeks, but it is enough for me to gain new experience. There are many differences between Japan and the United States. I want to write about many things, if I am forced to write about only 1 thing, I would like to write about my experiences through the program.


Why I decided to go to this program because I wanted to learn about the differences between Japan and the United State. In order to reach this objective, I made observation carefully of people. The most difference between Japan and the United State is the nature of a person. I have never been talked by a stranger in Japan before. When I came to the woodland hotel, I was talked by a stranger and talked about myself. All-time I was inside the elevator, the stranger talked to me or greet me. It was fresh and interesting for me. I also learned the differences between an urban area and a rural area. I went to New York after the program. People in rural area talks more often than people in an urban area. In addition, I noticed that I had a mistaken opinion about the nature of a person. I thought most of Japanese are kinder than most of Americans. This is my mistaken idea about their nature of a person. I feel they are kinder than Japanese. For example, stranger leaves the door open when I enter a building from a door. I was grad that stranger leaves the door open for me. It is nice culture.


I was a little nervous about studying in the United State first. Because my English skill is not good, I was not sure if I can understand classes. The classes were really interesting and a little difficult. Speaker talked too fast and use difficult words which I have never heard. I was not able to understand completely. However, I can understand a little what they want to teach us. I have never been taken classes about feminism and racial in Japan. It was flesh and worth thinking about topics. I enjoyed taking the dialog classes. I should have given my expression in the classes. I hesitated to speak in front of many people. I have never discussed in classes in Japan. I think many Japanese are not good at speaking in front of people. I thought we need to practice speaking and give our expression in Japan.


I made a discovery about the difference of dealing with an environmental problem between Japan and America. In America, most restaurants and caf├ęs use paper straw to reduce plastic garbage. I often hear the movement to reduce plastic straw in japan. Nevertheless, I have never seen paper straw in japan. We should introduce paper straw in japan like the United State. Instead of it, japan tries to separate plastic garbage and paper garbage to recycle plastic garbage. I was surprised that all Americans didn`t separate garbage. They throw away drink even if is there inside water.


To sum up, there are many differences between Japan and America. I`m glad that I can get in touch with different culture. I will keep learning English in college.


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