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The big difference I found during my program is the attitude of the clerks in the restaurants and clothes shops. In japan, clerks say the words taught by their boss to do so. So, I often ignore what the clerks are saying and do shopping by myself. In contrast in America, clerks say ” hello how are you doing” not because boss ordered them to behave so but because they want to take conversation with me. And not only the clerks but the customer were very kind to me. When I visit ice cream shop in America, I had no idea how to buy ice cream and which flavor tastes good. And I asked the customer who was standing behind me. Then he taught me the best flavor he liked. I wanted to say more Thank you to him. This is the first thing that is different from Japan to America.  

  In the lecture, I learned much about the pop culture and the terrible past about the discrimination of the black and women. In the terms of discrimination. I knew a little about the hard situation to live for the black, but through the lecture I could understand the detail and the background. I also could solve my question by asking to my CI. My opinion about the lecture is that taking the example from the things that we know in common makes the audience easy to understand the lecture. For example, Disney movie, which was taken in the lecture I got, and so on.   

 I wanted to take this idea to my next presentation. I say this thing because the lecture I remember now strongly is the one which used Disney movie`s characters as the example of the difference between the expression of looks of men and women. I could learn about the code from this example.  

 Through my FG works, I could also learn more about the discrimination of black. I searched about the difference of the way to go to school. At last, I discovered that the problem of discrimination had much influence on the rule about the school bus. It made me surprised, but the point is not this. In my group works, I found the process of searching is very important. I mean I could see much material about the American history that have no concerned with my topics. But those material were interesting to check. And after we finished making our slide, we make presentation in front of audience. I think listening to others` presentation and comparing to our topics had much meaning, because I could observe our own topic from different points.   

 Last, I want to share my opinion about the experience in Washington. I quickly recognized that the system of the city was different from that of Williamsburg. In Williamsburg, I felt cars are necessary for people who live there to move to go shopping and so on. But in Washington, I didn`t feel I couldn`t go anywhere if I don`t have car, because there are metro buses and trains. I used both. I had fun, but to be honest, Japanese public institution is better than American.   

  So, to say word, I love food and people in America better, but I prefer Japanese public institution, 


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