Journal 5 Erina Ohara

I had a great time during this program and learned many things about American culture.  I had not been to the United States, so I was so glad to know various things about the United States.  I’m going to write amazing things I learned from my precious days.

I learned about American culture directly.  First, I was kind of surprised at how to get communication with someone.  In Japanese, there is honorific language, so we are always required to use words properly.  However, in English, we can basically use the same type of language except polite expression.  I felt that this culture was amazing, because it was easy for us to be close friends.  I was so glad to be able to talk with professors as well as students.  Second, the people who live in the United Stated have aggressiveness.  I don’t discuss with my classmates and have presentations in front of some people very much.  Therefore, I was not good at speaking my opinion in front of someone and having presentation because of feeling nervous.  Dialogue class was kind of difficult for me, but I found the importance of speaking my opinion and listening to other opinion.  Third, I could know American food culture.  The amount of food was bigger than one of Japanese food.  It was kind of difficult for me to eat all, but I could take out anywhere.  I was surprised at it because we can’t take food out in the almost of shops in Japan.  One day, when we went to Italian food shop, my roommate proposed to take pizza out to me.  “You can put it in a refrigerator of the hotel.”  I had never eaten cold pizza, so I was kind of concerned about it.  However, it tasted so good.  I was so glad to know a piece of American food culture.  American food culture is very different from Japan’s one.  I really experienced American food culture and understood it.

I could get the best friends.  Though 17 days were too short, we would be close friends.  We sometimes played cards after dinner.  My roommate taught me the rule of game that I didn’t know.  Although the environment we grew up were different, we enjoyed the time very much.  I was so glad that I could learn daily conversation with great enjoyment.  They were so kind to us.  Both my roommate and I are 20 years old.  However, she is so clever and seemed an adult than me.  I respected her and thought that I want to work hard on something.  The friends that I got during this program are my treasure.  When I can speak English fluently, I will see and talk with them.

I want to study English hard.  I love talking with someone, so I was frustrated that I couldn’t talk what I wanted to say.  I wished I could have speak English more.  I found the lack of vocabularies and grammar.  Furthermore, I felt the difficulty of slang.  Knowing slang was one of my purposes that I wanted to achieve in this program.  I was so happy that I could know some slang by my friends.  Though I thought that I wanted to be able to speak English vaguely, I want to be able to speak English to talk with my friends and professors after this program.  In Japan, I’m going to work hard on studying English.  I’m also going to get opportunities to speak English and communicate with foreigners.

In conclusion, I could learn great things and have special experiences from this program.  Additionally, it strongly taught lack of ability of speaking English to me.  I will make effort more about studying English.  I never forget this amazing days.


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