Journal5 Yu Shimodaira


I will talk about  how my perception of US  changed  before and after the  program.  I had never visited  US then. So, I couldn’t know how American people live.

First, American people are very polite . I thought that Japanese people are more polite than American people. However, when I walked in American city and hit American people, they always said “sorry or excuse me”. On the other hand, in Japan, if people hit other people in the crowd ,some people say nothing. Therefore, I had imagined that Japanese people are more polite than American people.

Second ,I thought that there was difference between Japanese university and American university. I was surprised  that anyone can go into the library in William&Mary university. People need student’s ID card to go into the library in Keio university .Also, the library in Wiiliam&Mary served juice or sweets for free. Students in William&Mary university were on good terms with their professor. My PA’s Jessie talked friendly with her professor when she met  him. I was very surprised it. My professors don’t know  my name and I have never talked them when I met them out of classes.

I also will talk about what I learned from professor’s  lecture. The topic I was interested in is  racial problem.  I think that racial problem is very important and difficult. I have learned history of racial discrimination before.However, I had no understanding that how black people are treated. I heard that black people were killed by white police officer ,so I thought that there might be clear discrimination in their life. It seemed that there was no clear discrimination but many of the people who beg passersby for alms or who sold water on the roadside are black people. This is not discrimination but it may mean that there are the difference of educational standard. I can’t declare it.

And I also felt the difference of food culture. What I ate in American are bigger than what I usually eat.  Especially, foods or drinks that are sold in shopping center are big size. Calories were written on menus  in the resturants . There are a lot of  fat people, so I think the calories are written to prevent increasing fatness.  Also, when I gave off garbage, there only was one kind of trash can. The garbage were not separated in America. I usually separate trash in Japan, so I was very surprised the fact.

Finally, I want to say  my theme  from  two weeks ‘ styudying  abroad.  I  will have to develop my English skill more. Especially, I should try to be able to communicate with foreign people. Also, I should understand various problems. For example, there are racial problem, fenimism and culuture. These topics are what we learned from professors in America and there must be other views different from what they said. I will know this  and I want to say my view  for each problem. This summmer studying abroad  geve me very special experience and I was able to enjoy this program.


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