Azusa Murata journal5

I could experience the culture of the United States and learn many things of the United States. I’m going write about what I learned during this program of W&M. I have two things which I learned during this program. First, it is important not hesitate to speak in English. Because I had fear of not conveying my English, I was shy to speak in English and could not speak in English positively. But I could know that it was important to shallow my pride and tried to speak in English positively. Though the grammar of English is not perfect, strangely English can be convey. English that I thought not good was more conveyed than I had thought. The attitude to try to communicate in English is important. Since I noticed the important thing about speaking in English, I tried to speak in English positively. So, I still can’t speak English perfectly, but I could become to speak in English more positively than before. Second, there are differences between many kinds of culture of the United States and Japan. I especially feel difference between eating habits in the two weeks. On the whole the sides of food and drink of the United States were bigger than those of Japan. For examples, the sides of drink of all restaurants were bigger than that of Japan. I was surprised at the sides of glasses and cups when I went to a restaurant in the United States for the first time. At first, the volume of drink of the United States was very large for me, so I could not drink to the bottom of the glasses and cups. But I became inured to the volume of drink and could become to drink to the bottom of the glasses and cups in the two weeks. And the sides of salad were very memorable. In Japan, salad is small because set meals often include salad. On the other hand, in the United States, set meals often don’t include salad. When I want to eat salad at a restaurant, there was not any salad which was a perfect fit for me, so I was very confused. I thought that there was the difference between views of salad of people of the United States and Japan. Japanese people tend to think that salad is only an appetizer. On the other hand, Americans may tend to think salad is not only an appetizer but also a main meal.

In this program, lectures and journals were difficult and for me. But I thought that I could improve my English skill and I want to study and speak English more for the future by listening lectures and doing journals. Also, I could make many friends with not only Americans but also Japanese people during this program. In everyday life, I don’t have the opportunity to make friends with foreigners, so I’m glad to make friends with Americans. Also, I’m glad to make friends with Japanese people who I have never seen and I could not be going to know each other in everyday life. The experiences that I did during this program were valuable for me. I want to put my experiences of this program to use for the future not to finish only just good memories Thank you for everything.

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