Journal 5, Taro Uemura

I had been to the United States many times before this exchange program, so it was not my first trip to America. However, this program gave me a lot of new experiences. Now let me talk about those precious things that I learned through this program. First, I found that it is not so difficult to speak English. Actually, I am not good at speaking English. I only can read English sentence which is not so complicated. Moreover, when I had been to America, I had tried to escape from speaking. Therefore, I really worried about my command of English. However, those melancoly were just utterly. Almost all the American people tried to understand my awkward Engilsh. When I went to restrant, I could not understand what the clerk said. So, I asked them so many times to repeat. However, they did not hesitate to repeat. Through this experience, I found that it is easier to comunicate with American people than I thought on account of their kindness. If I tried to comunicate what I want to say clearly and loudly, American people also tried to understand what I want to say, I think. I will not hesitate to comunicate with them, I swear.  Second, I could understand what the United States is.As I said, I had been to the U.S. many times before this program, but it was about at least 7 years ago, so I did not know what America is today. Moreover, the destination of my last trip to America is west side, therefore I did not know the condition of east side. So, I really wanted know that. Next,  I will talk about that. Before this program, I had watched TV and read books or newspaper to know America and the history of America. However, real condition was different from that. I knew that some American people don’t like president Donald Trump, but I did not think that it is open. However, it is open. When I went shopping in Richmond, I found products which said that “Please come back, Obama!”. Virginia is south side of America, so I thought that there are many supporter for Trump because I thought that south people is apt to be conservative. This question was solved by lecture. The professor said that African American people are more in south than north because of their enslaved. So in Virginia there are a lot of African American people too, and they support Obama and don’t like Trump. Next, I found that there was still a disparity between Europian American and African American. Both in Williamsburg and Washington DC, more black people engaged in manual labor than white people. For example, in Washington DC there were a lot of security guard, but almost all the guard were black people. Moreover, there were many homeless people in Washington DC, and almost all the homeless people were black people. This showed me the United States’ inequality between white and black. As discribe above, I could have a lot of precious experiences through this program, and know America a lot. Moreover, I could grow up through this program, I feel. I am very happy to participate in this program. I will never forget this summer. Thank you.


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