journal5 Aiko Nagamine

I would like to write down about what I want to do and learned through this course to my future self. Not for someone but for myself because it is my journal.
And I have a hope to open this journal when I am missing what should I do or want to achieve while my schooldays.
First, I wanna write about how to improve my ability to speak English.
In conversation, the most important thing is to have feelings that I want to tell you this word from the bottom of my heart…in short, never give up.
For example, If you forgot the word “apple”, of course, you always know this word, what should you do?
During this course, I sometimes don’t feel like to talk about apple, so I changed my mind from apple to another new topic.
If you happened the problem like this, you should stop remembering the word and try to explain your image by a few sentences.
If you did this, the listener might say ” Maybe you want to say apple?”.

When you want to tell the thing but you can’t tell well, firstly, you should be calm and deep breathing in your mind.
It’s okay to take a roundabout route and take a long time, you should say synonym or related information.

I came to know through this summer short study program abroad, the work of telling is not related to speaking English good or bad.
If you want to speak English well, you should talk more and more.
Don’t be afraid of saying a word,
I think people who live in America could be generous to foreign country peoples.

Secondly, I want to write about the challenge which I have to resolve before studying abroad again,
When I took lectures in Williamsburg, I had difficulty in dealing with words written in slides and understanding professor’s English at the same time.
I hadn’t had this program in Japan, so I was surprised and considered how to solve the problem.
I think the time understanding meanings by listening should be reduced.
As concrete measures, focusing on listening by using TED talks,
I am thinking about why the Japanese couldn’t have understood lectures, although there were many summaries on slides written a few sentences, we have never heard lectures conducted in English and slides many times.

Last, I would like to write something I found after taking part in this course.
I have been thinking about what I want to be.
Sometimes people asked me what jobs do you want to do in the future, but every time I was asked, I always said I want to work in the hotel though I have no clear purpose to work and I didn’t have something I want to do in my life.

However, after I join in this course I could see my future job.
I want to work in a job that involves English because by using English and communicate with foreigners is very fun and I feel as if I could see the world that I have never seen.
And I want to tell foreigners attractions of Japan.
This is my impulse to study English.
I want to learn English more and more to study abroad.
Thanks to this course I could find the meanings of studying English, what I want to accomplish in my life. This is so important. Thank you.

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