Journal5 Manai Suzuki

First of all, this was my first time to go to the United States and I was excited but little nervous. However, I had a very great time and get various kinds of new experiences in my stay at the United States that I can’t forget forever, so I miss everyone I met and everywhere I went to. It was only 15 days, but I could learn and feel American culture and lifestyle by myself. The college of William and Mary had a lot of nature, this was my first time to see wild squirrels and they were so cute. Also there are many clean and beautiful facilities like library, it has a lot of books and open area.So one day, I want to go back and study at there. The atmosphere at Williamsburg fit for me, then I could stay feeling comfortable like my home town. 

Before I go to the United States, I had some images that the foods, cars and supermarkets in the United States are huger than them of Japan and foods are very junkie. I think this image is almost correct, because most of the products and foods like sandwiches, salads or pizzas which sold at the supermarkets or served at the restaurants were big and many of them seemed very high calorie like using cheese and meats. Also in my image, American people are very friendly and kind, and that was also true. I thought that most of native English speakers listened my English carefully and when they couldn’t understand me, they ask me to say one more time, so I could know which pronunciation or grammar weren’t correct easily and clearly and make it correct. In addition, when we went to campus tour and take pictures, most of people took picture with us friendly. In Japan, people are shy and vigilant, so I think most of people may not take picture with people who don’t know.

According to the focus group presentation and dialogue class discussions, I thought that I should have more aggressiveness at the conversation, and I also need the sprit of inquiry. Some time I couldn’t participate in the discussion because I thought I don’t want to make mistake, but if I make mistake, someone told me and I can know new things so it is more beneficial. This is the reason why I thought it is important. The frame work lecture which I was most interested in was about the American pop culture. In the future, I want to enter the TV station, so I like watching TV and searching about the pop culture of some countries. There were the picture of Japanese TV talent painted their face black and smiling. I thought that there is almost any race problem in Japan, so they thought it is funny and did on the public radio waves. It wouldn’t be problem in Japan, but in the other countries it may be the problem. Then we have to become more careful about the program which is about race problem or things which make people discomfort.

In my free time, I went to a lot of place with my friends. It is also my precious memories. I have only seen White House and  on the TV, so I was very excited and had a great time during free time. It was my first time to watch baseball game, so I can’t compare with Japanese one but it was very fun and there has many performances which makes us not boring.

In Japan, government is changing the system of the English entering exam to the college few years ago. However, I think that change isn’t good because most of Japanese school teach English in terms of grammar. Then I think most of students who started  studying English at their junior high school can’t get useful English speaking and listening ability. When I went to America, I thought we should use English actively and make our English practical.

I went to United States and get a lot of unforgettable experiences, and found something I should study more, so I want to improve my English ability in Japan, then in the future, I want to go to the United States with more knowledge and English speaking ability!

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