Journal 4

Before I come to Washington D.C., I had the impression of metropolitans, this city is packed with many tall buildings, because Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital. However I came to there, I could see a lot of old buildings like the White House, Smithsonian Institutions and the United States Capitol. In addition, headquarters of a couple of company also uses old buildings. In the field of architecture and urban designing, keeping an appearance and unified scenery is the most important things and we should be considered firstly, so the Washington D.C. is one of the city with unity, and I think that is political city.

Moreover, I think that Washington D.C. is also educational city because there are a lot of museum or memorial statue in this city like a museum of Smithsonian and the Washington Memorial. Similar location in Japan is Ueno, one of the historical city in Tokyo, but basically a museum in Ueno does not look back over the history of our own country and In the first place, there are few museums compared with Washington D.C. In nighttime tour of memorials, I felt strongly that because a lot of monuments near the tourist spot in the city. Therefore, I think that many travelers have an opportunity to think about the historical things like World War II and Civil Rights Movements because of the monuments near a tourist spot. In actual, I have never thought about the Korean Veterans and Vietnam Veterans. But in Japan, to know the opportunity of the war history is just someone engaged in or experienced in warfare spoke to us about their experiences or visit the front such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If Japan had a lot of monuments near the tourist spot or familiar place, Japanese would gain more insight about the history of own country.

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As soon as arriving at Washington D.C., I thought that this city is a historical and political place with many tourists, because it has many memorials and monuments related to politics, war, and American history at the center of Washington D.C. Besides, the thing I am concerned with is there are several points that Americans tries not to make foreign visitors sick of sightseeing at Washington D.C. That’s why there are many museums and monuments between Washington Monument and the congress in a straight line. From a foreign viewpoint, it is convenient to sightsee without transferring. Another point I am surprised is I saw several snipers on the White House when I visited there. Compared to the Japanese prime minister’s official residence, security is incredibly considered in the White House in order to prevent any terrorism.

Before I visited the embassy of Japan, I have visited the embassy of China in Tokyo. Both counties make visitors get strict security checks when visitors enter the buildings, however for me it was interesting experiences. Two Japanese diplomats we discussed were so smart, intelligent and polite. My friends said to me that it is really hard to be become government officials because they are forced to take the most difficult exam with many academic subjects, then interview to be judged whether there are appropriate aptitudes or not. According to statistics, the rate of passing is one-a hundred. I asked them many questions compared to undergraduate students because I was curious about Japanese diplomatic occupations, contents and people. My questions are that “what aptitudes do you think of the most important to be a nice diplomat?”, ” “what can you come up with trends Americans recently like in terms of Japanese culture?” ,and something like that. Two gentlemen answered me very kindly. I was so touched to listen to them.



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Journal 4

Taking almost 3 hours from Williamsburg, when I woke up, the expansive great Washington memorial was there before my eyes, we finally arrived at the capital, central governmental city of great United States of America, Washington D.C.

First day in D.C, though I was tired, I have no idea that not going to the White House as soon as possible. A lot of tourists are there, they took photograph freely and some people show their performance with instruments. I think myself that is one of the best feature to illustrate the US’s freedom. Nevertheless, since that authoritative building is the place where the president lives, the security was so strict that security guards have big frightful rifle, also they stand it on the White House to check the safe widely. In Japan, there is no person who play their tools in front of the Prime Minister’s house, however, because of the existence of weapons, comparing the strength of the security system, I’m sure that American security are much stronger than in Japan. I don’t mean that is bad thing in Japan, I want to say that situation shows how Japan is such a kind of safety country.

On 16th August, we went to visit two huge world-class museums which are The National Gallery of Art and National Archives. To tell the truth, I’m not interested in museum especially about art, but famous exhibition which is a genuine article of Declaration of Independence, Bill of Right and the picture drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar-Claude Monet were deeply impressive. The thing I was really surprised was though each museum and exhibition are wonderful, the admission fee is free. Since in Japan, we must to pay around 10 dollars to see the exhibition, therefore we tend not to visit the museum even the student’s fee is cheaper. I’m sure that is the main reason why Japanese, particularly the young, are not familiar with the knowledge of the history, art, and so on. According to “the rule of the museum” in Japan, the admission fee must be free in principle, however, in former days, people think making free on admission will cause problems, for instance, the visitor who is not for sightseeing but sleeping and living. Therefore, they don’t want to make free while they want to show the exhibition. However, I think that is just stereotype, I’m sure the reality is there are no people to do such thing. This is because, although we see homeless in Washington town, we couldn’t see in them in the museum. I know that it is difficult to make free, because other museums, for example, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, we have to pay ourselves.
As I researching and looking the atmosphere of this city, I think the main reason that why Washington has a lot of museums which we don’t have to pay they want to come Washington D.C! Without museums, we know that the city is just political place. They want to prevent boring city.

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I visited Washington,D.C. for the first time, and I found Washington,D.C. played mainly two important roles as the capital city of the U.S. First, Washington,D.C. is a center of politics. There are the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Judicial, executive, and legislation are held in Washington. I went to see the White House and the Capitol. They were so big and had dignity. I felt they were very important institutions governing the huge country. I have been to the Diet in Japan, but I don’t remember that so much, because I was a child. I want to visit it again and compare the Japanese Diet with the American Capitol.


Second, many kinds of history and heritages are passed down to future generations in Washington,D.C. There are many museums, and each museum is so large that we can’t see all exhibits in a day. I went to “National Museum of African American History and Culture” on 16th. The museum is four stories high, and it has one floors under the ground level. The museum was so big. In the museum, I can see precious displays and learn plenty of new things, especially about African African. I was shocked to see exhibits, but everyone need to go there and know what happened to African American. When we go to the National Mall in Washington, we can learn a lot.



By the way, the capital of Japan is Tokyo. Tokyo also plays a lot of roles, but it is a little different from Washington,D.C. To be brief, Tokyo has more roles than Washington,D.C. For example, Tokyo is a center of culture, technology, economy, commerce. One good point of this circumstance is that we can do whatever we want to do in Tokyo. This is why I decided to enter Keio University near Tokyo. However, there is some bad point. If an earthquake happen in Tokyo, Japan breaks down. Japan has a lot of earthquakes, so we have to solve this problem quickly. In order to do that, we can take Washington,D.C. into account.

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We came to Washington D. C. finally. This is my first visit so I am very exciting. In D. C., there are many monuments and memories, Congress, Supreme Court, the White House, the Library and many kind of the museum. Then my first impression is, this is the place include the past and the future, of course the present. It is very interesting. When I walk Washington D. C., I have a feeling that I go on a journey in the stream of time. I have not experienced in Tokyo.

Yesterday night, I went to the White House. People gathered in front of the White House and appealed for something. They withdrew as soon as we arrived so we don’t know the meaning. I was surprised and I thought it is interesting. American people are so powerful. In Japan, the movements rarely happens. Strike also rarely happens. We have thinking to government or society, but we don’t move. However, American people often gathered and protest against government, society, and company. I was also surprised about the President. American people joke about Donald John Trump and laughed frequently. I wonder how they do think about him. I think that they don’t think kindly of him, but he is the President. I took an interest in American electoral system.

I write the article about insurance of sharing economy with my seminar member. Uber is one of the topics. In Japan, we can use the Uber only midtown and it is more expensive than taxi so we have not use the Uber. However, in America, Uber is very convenient for us and very cheap. We experienced Uber twice. The first time, we got took a photo with the driver but
We got into the wrong car.. The second time, we couldn’t find the car for long time, and we were canceled by the driver at the moment when we found it at last so we use another uber. That became a precious experience to me and funny. I’m going to make use of this experience in our article.

I want to go to the museum of natural history since a long time ago, this place was the stage of the movie “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.” Particularly, I want to see “Giraffe.” I fell in love with the giraffe at first sight. It so cute! My dreams will come true tomorrow. I cannot wait for tomorrow! (However, I don’t want to go back Japan and say goodbye.)

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Journal 4

On August 15, I have been to the Japanese embassy for the first time. The embassy suddenly appeared when I was walking on the normal road. So, I was surprised that it is at such a place. The embassy was much more beautiful than I expected, and the officers welcomed us. Then, Wako Yamamoto did presentation about what we have learned in this program. It was so excellent and I was able to review what I learned and did. After that, we talked to the officers and gave us valuable stories. For example, they told what kind of work they are doing at the embassy and advised about my future dream. I thought that I am glad I participate in this program. Because I could not experience like this unless I participate.
While Japan has less monuments, there are many national monuments in Washington D.C. and I have been there. First, I went to the Air Force Memorial, the Pentagon and Pentagon memorial during free time. It was something imitated in the shape of clouds that can be made when the fighter aircrafts soar, and it was very interesting in a very magical form. Speaking of September Eleven Attacks, people (at least in Japan) associate with World Trade Center in New York. So, I didn’t know the incident at the Pentagon. In Pentagon memorial, there are many memorial benches with the name of the victims. Visiting this place, I thought again that even if terrorism is done, nothing will be solved rather problems will arise. With Dialogue class, I went to the Washington memorial, WW II memorial and the Lincoln memorial. At the Lincoln memorial, I was able to see famous words, “GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE”. I was so excited.
Of course, everyone know that Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. So, in Washington D.C., there are many state agencies such as the White House and United States Capitol like in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. But there are some differences between Washington D.C. and Tokyo. First, by compared to Tokyo, the roads are wider. In Tokyo, there are many roads of one way because of the narrowness of the roads. So, I felt that easier to know where we are because of straight roads. Secondly, both in Washington and Tokyo, there are many museums such as the Smithsonian Museum and National Museum of Nature and Science. But there are big differences. These are admission to the museums and the number of exhibits. In Japan we have to pay fee at almost museums meanwhile in America we din’t have to pay fee at almost museums. But the quality of museums are equally ( maybe in America is higher). Also, there are more exhibits in one museum. So, I was tired walk around museums. And I impressed by high motivation for American to learn more things.

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Journal4 Taiga Koen

Sorry,after I back to the hotel, I will add other text.
First, public peace of Washington,D.C.was bad
there were many Home lesses and many polices were 配備されてるevery where.
The bad public peace in Washinton, DC.
I heard ワシントン is one of the worst public peace in the USA
And I also learned in discussion that the government got donation from the British people,named James Smithson.
And the government built some museums to change the image

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journal 4

(edited version)

I’m currently on my last days of my stay in America. Since I submitted my third journal, I have been stayed in Washington DC. In last few days I went to a lot of place in DC during my free time. For my last journal, I would like to share where I went and what I’ve learned by traveling DC.

On August 14, We arrived at Washington DC and we had our first free time in DC. That night I went to the area near our hotel to get dinner. We had a nice Italian food, and on our way back home we found a bookstore. When we entered the book store, I soon realized that there were some politics book section. I remembered that DC is a very important city for US government, so I went closer to have a look…and found a children story book called “A Child’s First Book of Trump”! I read it through, and was so surprised how it was so sarcastic even though it is a children’s book. In Japan we never make a children’s book like that so we don’t bias them. But I really liked the concept and thought that adults could have fun reading it!

On August 15, We visited Japanese embassy. It was my first time to get in any embassy so I was very looking forward to. I was shacked that some of the diplomats I talked to had been in different Japanese embassies. They were so nice and seemed to be very interested in our program. After leaving Japanese embassy, we had free time till the end of the day. First we went to Cheese cake factory to have lunch. The cheese cake was so big and sweet that I couldn’t finish all, but I really enjoyed the experience. After that, we went to George Town and did a little bit of shopping. I really liked the town because I found the houses and the shops were very colorful and pretty. I also thought that it is nice because the shops were all very trendy and fashionable but it was in each separate building. When I go to shopping in Japan, I often go to malls, so it was pretty new for me.

I can’t believe that this journal is the last one I submit during this program. I’ll enjoy every single moment until the very end of my journey in the US!


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I would like to talk about my impression of Washington D.C.  I have not ever visited to Washington D.C. Before I came to here, I expected that Washington D.C. is very urban city.  It is true that I could see a lot of people, cars and tall buildings.  However, I could see a lot of not neo-futuristic buildings too.  I like these kinds of town, so I enjoyed walking around the town very much.  I think each country’s embassy, national building and stores or restaurants for tourists look so historical and cute.  And then I consent that Washington D.C. as the nation’s capital is made for tourists.  Also, I felt that Washington D.C. is smaller than I expected.  On August 15, I went to the embassy of Japan, Pentagon City and Georgetown.  I was surprised that Georgetown and Beacon hotel are closer than I thought.

Other point I felt in Washington D.C. is that a lot of huge monument is white.  Because, in Japan, white buildings are not many.  So, I felt fresh that many historical buildings’ color is white.  Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital of the U.S., and the U.S. is the central in the world from various view points.  So, I think that this city is made to look very beautiful and advanced.

Next, I want to talk about the embassy of Japan.  I have never visited to any other country’s embassy, before I went to the Japanese embassy.  So, I was surprised that it took a lot of time to enter the embassy of Japan.  However, visiting embassy is very good experience for me, because I could hear about the work of embassy and diplomat.  I didn’t know what they do, but I think their work like negotiation with the U.S and Japanese cultural public relations are very important.  Because, I think it is very important for Japan to have a relationship with America.  And also, I was happy to drink Japanese green tea.

Finally, I’m going to talk about monument in Washington D.C.  I visited to Washington monument, WWⅡ Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and FDR Memorial.  I thought everything is very big and wonderful.  And I was surprised that a lot of monuments are near each other.  In comparison, in Japan, each monument stands in the related place.  For example, The atomic bomb dome is in Hiroshima and Tower of himeyuri is in Okinawa.  I think it is nice to have many monuments and museums next to each other, because I can see many kinds of things in once time.  However, this is the feature of the U.S.  Because America is very big and it is hard to go many places.  I was glad to see a lot of things.  I am looking forward to go to the museums tomorrow very much.

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We left Williamsburg, and arrived at Washington D.C. on 14th. I felt a little bit sad to say goodbye to Williamsburg. It is not a big city, but I like Williamsburg because we had a lot of memory there. By the way, Washington D.C. is more wonderful city than the one I expected. Historical monuments are everywhere in this city, and there are many buildings which I had seen only in the textbook or on TV. I can find these by just walking around the hotel. I think it is convenient and good for tourists. But in contrast, there are less historical monuments in Tokyo. And I think that Washington D.C. is more like a political-functional city than Tokyo. There are few people in this town at night. Actually I spend almost time doing shopping on the first day in Washington D.C.,

 Also, we visited the Japanese Embassy on the first day. I was so impressed by talking with two person working there. They talked about their job and their life so far to us. What they do at Japanese embassy is so responsible for Japan itself. So just a little thing they do can have influence on Japan. I was surprised that one of them were from Keio University. We enjoyed talking about it. In addition, we talked about ourselves to them. They responsed to our each question politely. I learned a lot of things by listening to what they were saying (how hard to work in foreign country which has almost different culture from Japan, how to introduce Japan to America and so on). 

 The night time tour on 17th was also valuable time although I was a little bit tired from walking to each monument. I got rid of tiredness when I watched monuments. These took me to the times of World War, Civil Rights Movement, etc. It was so good to visit them at night. The lights were beautiful. And I thought of a lot of things far away.

 Tomorrow is the last day of staying Washington D.C. and this program. I hope I enjoy the last moment in America with all friends, all PAs, and all CIs.

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