Journal 1 Kimika kariya

The first impression of USA is that people are very kind. If we cannot speak good English, they try to listen to and help us. So I want to use English a lot.

For two days, we heard the lecture from two professors. On the first day, Dr. Kitamura told us about the culture. The most impressive explanation is the difference between mass culture and popular culture. Mass culture is like TV drama for manufacture or industry to develop their bussiness or make money. Popular culture is much value because people made this culture to live happily. In addition, professor said we should study the culture because we know politics and ecomomics of each country.

After listening to this lecture, I went to supermarket, I was very surprised, because every product of USA is bigger than that of Japan. After we visited there, we discuss the impression of American supermarket in the dialogue class. My friend and I discussed why every American product is big. We thought it has two reasons. First, people in USA may have many members of family. In Japan, most family compose of parents and children. Second, I thought that each people in USA eat many food because they need calorie, for they walk for a long distance because every ground is very big.

Next days, Dr. Knights gave us the lecture. He told me about the history of Williumsburg. He explained the difference between Locale and Local. Locale means the place people are born in. Local means the place which people think it is hometown. When I was listening this explanation at first time, I cannot understand these difference much and these are the same meaning, but I can understand the explanation by Sara. In addition, we talk about our hometown. I have been in Tokyo for 19 years, but most American people live many places in their lives. I was very surprised at this fact. So, I asked very fundamental question to Sara. The context is whether the moving house is the culture or not. Sara answered, not all people but many people move to other region when they enter to university or college. In addition, the living cost especially along the coast is too high for young people, so they have to move various places.

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