Journal 2 Kimika Kariya

On August 9, Dr. Ely gave us the lecture in Richmond. The title was Race Relation In America History. After the lecture, we discussed the race distinction in our dialogue class. It is very heavy problem. And Sara gave us three questions. First, we discussed the race in Japan. My friend and I talked about the appearance of most people in Japan, for example the skin is the same, so many people do not care about it. Second, we discussed if the story of black people in Japan is similar to or different from US or not. I think I have never considered about it, and I think black people in Japan are very few, so I cannot answer this question. However, Sara gave me an example of Naomi Osaka, the tennis player. From this example, I think most people care about the race of sport player if their mother or father is Japanese. Finally, we discuss the experience of race distinction in Japan. I think the race distinction is happened in part because of nationality. For example, some people do not like Koreans and do Hate Speech because now the relationship between Japan and Korea is too bad.

On August 10, I had a free day. I went to the museum, the beach and to watch baseball game. In the morning, I could see the items of George Washington. Moreover, we could enjoy shopping in the farmers market. It was very previous experience. In the afternoon, I went to the beach. I could see the Atrantic Ocean! In Japan, we can see only the Pacific Ocean. It seems the same, but for me, it is special. In the afternoon, I went to watch the baseball game. I like to watch baseball game, so I sometimes go to the baseball game in Japan. The game was very interesting, but I could not see the Japanese baseball player. So it was very sad. However, I could enjoy it!

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