Journal 3 Kimika Kariya

On August 11, we went to the church. I was in Catholic kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school. So I was very surprised that it has many differences between Japan and US. For example, in Japan, the priest is in front of us, but in US, the priest is on the right side. In addition, when we pray for the peace, in US, people shake hands each other, but in Japan, people bow their head deeply. So I think it is maybe the differences of communications. After that, I had a lecture about Contemporary American Religion by Dr.Jessica. She said that now Protestant is decreasing and Catholic is increasing. So I think it is because many Hispanic people are coming into U.S.

On August 12, we had a lecture about Desital Feminism by Dr.Liz. She said that white people make the system of face recognition and they give only the data of white people to artificial intelligence. So they cannot recognize if black women are women or not. In addition, we are shown a movie by the professor. In the movie, many men talk to men in woman’s dress. I was very surprised at this fact. In Japan, most people are shy and do not like to talk to strange people. So I think it is a difference of culture between Japan and U.S.

On August 13, we have a lecture about American Popular Culture by Dr.Khanh. She said that common people can engage in pop culture. However, now TV program and drama are made by mass media and we are sometimes controlled by them. So I think it is a contradiction. So I asked Sara how she thought about. Sara said that mass media makes the program or drama to make money, maybe it controls us intentionally. However, we can decide whether we watch the contents or not. So, I could consent to this problem. In addition, I am very interested in Japanese idol. So Manai and I talked about it. Japanese idols, in the company Johneys, can dance, act, and sing and so on. I think it is very different from U.S.

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