Journal 4 Kimika Kariya

On August 17, I went to the Sumisonian musium with the blue dialogue class member. First, we went to Space Museum. I do not know about space much, but I could enjoy it because there is Wright Brothers explanation in Space Museum. Especially, when I was a elementary school, I was very interested in Wright Brothers because I always read their biography. In addition, there were many things about space. I went to Tsukuba Space Museum in Japan ten years ago, but Space museum in Washington is bigger than that.

I went to American History Museum after lunch. And Sara said that we could enjoy the musium and go everywhere on our own. So Manai and I went to the exhibition about the history of train and clothes. I am very interested in trains. There were many trains in the museum, so I could understand the history of trains easily.

After that we went to Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. It was too difficult for us to go there, because we have to use trains. We were very nervous, but Google Maps helped us. Then, I bought a wallet and Manai bought a smartphone case and rings. So, we tried to find shops.

I was very surprised at the difference between USA and Japan in Washington, too. I could find two differences in this time. First, we do not have to pay for the ticket at the museum. Maybe in Japan, in most cases, we have to pay some money to enter the museum. So I think USA tries to develop the education. However, I heard the government do not give much money the university. So, I think that the way each government use money is the difference. Second, I think Japanese people try to keep everywhere clean as much as possible. It is because when we went to Forever 21, it was very dirty in the store. In Japan, most stores try to keep clean, so it is the difference.

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