Journal 5 Kimika Kariya

I went to USA and studied about the difference of culture between USA and Japan from August 5th to August 20th. It was the first time to study abroad for a long time. So I was very nervous at first. When I studied English to go to the university, I thought that I need not learn speaking English. So, when I arrived at USA and I had to talk in the dialogue class at the first time, I could not talk enough. In addition, the English level of my dialogue class members is very high, so I thought I wanted to go home. However, Sara and my dialogue class members tried to hear my opinions very hard, so I can speak English actively now.

And I want to talk about cultural observation of life in the United States. The most impressive topic in the frame lecture is the racial discrimination. In Japan, I could not notice this problem because most Japanese people are yellow race. For the first time Sara asked me about it, I could tell her my opinion, but Sara told me the example, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka. I thought that most Japanese people do not care about her race, but now we Japanese have a problem between Japan and South Korea. In most cases, maybe Japanese people judge others whether others are Korean or not. However, some people sometimes hate them because they are scared of criticizing from other people. I sometimes hear the example of giving up getting married to Korean because their parents opposite to them. I thought that we have to change this view. However, we have to make a good relationship between Japan and Korea.

I thought that most important things I learned was the ability to make my speech to many people. I made my speeches three times. First, I talked about my memory book in my dialogue class. I made my powerpoint in Japan, but American people want to hear interesting story, so I tried to change my contents. Second, I talked about my opinions in focus group presentation. When I was in japan, I prepared the middle presentation very hard and got much information about the theme of focus group. However, after I arrived at USA and made our speech with Laurel, I thought that my preparation is not enough. I thought that we should check up Japanese literature much. I could not get ready to my presetation much, but I tried to talk to make listener understand easily. Third, I had to make a speech in Japanese Embassy Tour as a leader. I had to prepare my speech on my own and I had to make speesh for five minutes. Moreover, I had to prepare for my focus group presentation on the same time. So I was very busy and tired then. However, I think it was the precious and priceless experience now. In addition, I was very grad to make everyone enjoy and some people praised me. I could get many occations to speak in English in this program. If I make the presentation next time, I want to speak English clearly and as good as Japanese.


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